Young Life

High School Programs

Coronavirus has sure changed the way we connect with kids (for now, at least!). We are hosting virtual campaigners, connecting with kids 1:1 and are actively working on new, awesome summer plans that will provide an avenue for adventure, connection and safety! If you're not signed up for our emails, we would high recommend doing so by clicking the below button. You can also follow us on Instagram (@SouthJoCo_YoungLife) or Facebook (South Johnson County Young Life) to stay up to date. 


Club is a party with a purpose where kids can come, be with friends and know they belong! Take a look at our calendar below for club dates!


For kids who want to go a bit deeper in scripture, we offer Campaigners. It's broken up into small groups where kids can process and dive deep alongside friends and leaders

YL Camp

Camp is the best week of your life, no question about it! Each year we offer a number of camping opportunities! 

What is Young Life?